Success Stories of Women in GSWIM

Success Stories of GSWIM women beneficiaries

Gswim's visit to the slums of Namuwongo, Kampala Uganda after recieving an invitation from Guardian Angel Foundation to teach about Intellectual Property to the young women and mothers in the slum for easy Transformation and elevation of their lives

This is how far we have come. We believe in knowledge sharing for our growth and development as women. We stand out to make a difference in our homes, country and the entire globe. We are proud women of GSWIM and because of our continuous training on creativity and innovation, we have made the world a better place to stay. We meet again on 28 -29th December for a retreat at Banga Bay Beach. We are going TO UNFOLD OUR POTENTIAL FOR 2020. Join the brave for betterment.

Carolyn's testimonial video on her achievements with GSWIM

Bunyama women's group video with their product developed after GSWIM's skills training

Oyella's testimonial video on her achievements with GSWIM

How different women in business have benefited from GSWIM Programs

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