Our Projects

As Grooming a Successful Woman With Intellectual Mind we acknowledge our partners and philanthropists for the support through making sure that women are served to their best of improving on their livelihood. We also acknowledge the religious & local leaders for mobilizing and organizing the various women’s groups that take part in the projects.

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Supporting Economic empowerment and entrepreneurial growth in rural areas

This project is aimed at supporting women in rural areas into economic empowerment and entrepreneurial growth. This is through empowering them with business knowledge, providing financial support and promoting economic empowerment among communities for development.


Intellectual Property for Branding and Product Development to Women Entrepreneurs in Uganda

The project aims at empowering women entrepreneurs to transform their creative and innovative ideas into tangible, marketable and high‐quality products leading to long‐term business growth and development towards brand building.

In Uganda, there are still few women with registered businesses. “40% of registered businesses are women owned “as stated by the Minister of Science and Technology – H.E. Mr. Tumwesigye Elioda (source: Soft Power News, Uganda).

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Women Entrepreneur Support Project

This project is aimed at empowering women doing business on the small scale by providing financial support for their revival. It also equips women with Intellectual Property techniques of doing business in a very unique way for a competitive advantage over the market within the community.

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Empowering women in Arts & Crafts for economic value in Uganda

This project is aimed at skilling women in art and crafts as well as enhancing on their creativity by supporting them to level up with their artistic works. The project also aims at improving on the talents of women in art & crafts to create and produce unique artistic products which are handmade for commercial value.


Enhancing and Supporting creative minds in rural areas.

This project is aimed at enhancing and supporting creative minds in rural areas. This is through empowering women, providing support, empowering widows and orphans, promoting economic, social and spiritual empowerment among communities by using Intellectual Property Knowledge which encourages creativity and innovation amongst women for their development. The project also aims at capacity building through skills trainings to women and girls in rural areas to enhance on their creative ideas for a better livelihood. Through massive business and skills trainings, women and girls are encouraged and supported to start up small scale businesses for their sustainability.

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Creativity for Young Women.

This program is aimed at changing young women’s mindset between the age of 13‐25 years to a creative living. Through this program, girls are trained on how to be confident and brave for a sustainable future. This encourages them to believe in their potential and what they can become as a result of mindset change to focus on their education.